Does BalticScore work with Java 9 or 10?

Sorry, but it does not! BalticScore 3 was build for Java 7 and should run with Java 8.

Java 9 and 10 won't work. Please install Java 8 which is still available.

BalticScore does not start on Mac OSX 10.12

Please start BalticScore.app/Contents/MacOS/BalticScore instead of BalticScore.app.

See also the FAQ for Mac OSX 10.10.

BalticScore 3 does not run on Mac OS X 10.10, although Java 7 is installed

Please change BalticScore.app/Contents/Info.plist. For Java 7 add the following:

Change BalticScore.ini:

Replace VERSION by the version of Java.

Does BalticScore run on Windows 7 64 Bit?

BalticScore 3 runs on both Windows 7 32 Bit and 64 Bit.

Please note: Java 1.7 32 Bit has to be installed.

Update doesn't work on Windows 7! What do I have to do?

To use the update functionality, you have to start BalticScore as administrator. That can be done using the right mouse-key.

What database system should be used?

For small events with one protocol only HSQLDB is sufficient. Events with more than 100 participants or more than one protocol or a network we recommed PostgreSQL or MySQL.

Attention: Data cannot be copied between Database Systems. You can export and import clubs and gymnasts using the BalticScore export and import functions.

How to create the starting order and enter the scores?

Select a competition class in the navigational tree and use the context menu to start the function "Enter scores...".

Alternatively you can open the main menu and select "Object->Enter scores...".